Our Team

Photo: Lazy River on the Allison Aquatics Group Project, Under The Roof

Rodney Allison
Founder & Owner

Rodney Allison has been running Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 1983. He started the company at the young age of 19. Rodney has built his business around the biblical principle found in Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is better than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” It has been important to him to operate his company with integrity and excellence from the top to the bottom. Rodney is proud of the work Allison Aquatics Group delivers to their clients, but he understands that the job is never truly finished when it comes to building his reputation.

Harold Allison
Warranty Manager

Harold Allison has been a part of Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 1999. His title is Warranty Manager, but he really is the guy that makes sure things are working correctly. Harold is a great utility player for the company with a knack for solving technical issues. Harold has spent years building relationships with our vendors and handles all of the warranty issues at Allison Aquatics Group. He also worked in the landscape and irrigation industry for 9 years.

Sonny Arnold
Senior Project Manager

Sonny Arnold has been running projects for Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 2013. He has the ideal character and personality of an individual you would want at the helm running a large-scale project. His skills and experience in developing thorough plans and strategies to complete projects makes him an invaluable asset to the Allison Aquatics Group team. Before Allison Aquatics Group, Sonny worked in the construction industry for 15 years. He graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 1998, with a degree in Architecture and Design.

Michael Vaughn
CAD Manager

Michael Vaughn has been working with Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 2006, but was brought on to the team in full-time in 2014. His attention to detail when creating plans makes him standout from other designers in the industry. Michael has been an integral part of the design team representing Allison Aquatics Group while working with other companies such as JCJ Architecture (Tulsa), Worthgroup (Denver), and HBG Design (Memphis). He has worked in CAD for over 37 years.

Penny Andrews
Office Manager

Penny Andrews has been on the team at Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 2004. She manages the office at Allison Aquatics Group and is in charge of all administrative procedures. Penny is a master when it comes to connecting dots. She is truly the glue that holds everything together at the company. In the past, she worked in the commercial architectural products industry for 21 years.

Alex Quiroz
Project Manager

Alex Quiroz has been working with Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 2012. If there is one word we can use to describe Alex, it would be “efficient.” Alex does whatever it takes to get the job done on time with excellence. Meeting deadlines is his specialty and something he has proven to be very good at. You can never have enough guys like Alex on your team.

Kevin Owens
Service Manager

Kevin Owens has been working with Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 2012. As Service Manager, Kevin leads our technicians in the service department. As our lead electrician, he powers the projects. Kevin is also a spark when it comes to company chemistry. His easygoing nature complements our culture at Allison Aquatics Group. He graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2007, with a degree in Electrical Construction.

Zach Stanglin
Project Engineer

Zach Stanglin has been on the team at Allison Landscape & Pool Company since 2018, working under our CAD Manager, Michael Vaughn. His ability to soak up everything around him has made him an excellent edition to our CAD Department. Zach also has 11 years experience in various roles in the construction industry such as carpentry, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and masonry.

Sam Andrews
Aquatics Technician

Sam Andrews joined the Allison Aquatics team as an aquatics technician in 2023, working under our Senior Service Manager, Sonny Arnold. His technical prowess and management skills from 15 years in the top-tier motorcycle industry is invaluable to the day-to-day functions of our Aquatics group. Sam also brings 2 years of commercial electrician experience to round out his knowledge and perspectives. This, combined with his focus, determination, and team mindset, creates the type of excellence that Allison Aquatics Group is known for.